A Hard Fought Ten Years that Created a Window for My Life.

It was not an easy task to start a business on your own. Ten years back when I aka Greg was not at all rich and without any back up it gets tough to start a business such as window installation. Previously I worked as a worker under someone and my job was to install window and doors. This experience was my real asset at that time when I started my own venture.

The way things started

A Loan from my friend kick started my business. Thankfully my friend created his own personal business, Plano Auto Glass, and could relate to every struggle I faced. He knew that I had what it took to succeed and was willing to take the risk. However, the flow of work was slow at that time. I was clear on one thing from the start of my business that I will put same hard work and care for every order irrespective of the amount. As I was a worker I knew how to do cost cutting and this helped me a lot in my first phase of business. The other thing that helped was my precision with work. It bought a great deal of goodwill and future work.

Getting used to the business world

At first, it was very much tough for me to get acquainted with the style of business. I am a very shy person and it made very hard to bargain with customers and suppliers. Later, I taught myself that business and I are two different entities. I convinced myself that whatever I am doing in business is for the business and it has nothing do with my personality. This helped me a lot to get over my primary shyness. The other thing was to maintain a good relation with the customer. I always made sure that the customer is satisfied. This customer satisfaction is crucial to the longevity and success of business.

Building an infrastructure

As I said, it was tough in the starting to accumulate proper fund. Later on, I focused on building up a good amount of assets and supply to get bigger orders. I always knew that to get big orders from builders I will require a strong backup force. This is why from the starting of my business I used to keep a fund aside to develop the base of business. After 10 years I can proudly say that this principle paid a lot of dividend to me in my business life.

Things I learned

For me, business is not about the present. It is about how you did about past and what are you thinking about the future. How well I do in the nest ten years will definitely have something to do with my last Ten years.


Creating Art!!!

Creating a Window

Hey guys, this is Greg and I will share my story of window installation business that I started 10 long years ago. I have had a lot of experience and most of them are funny and memorable. First of all, it must be said that my work on window installation is not an easy job to do, as we have to understand the wind and its direction in the different seasons, house structure and position and also the interior, space.

My probable customers

Customers will always have their own requisites and sometimes those are not possible or not the best option. At the first stage of my business, I used to fight a lot with the customers and I always tried to win the argument. Then, one day came when a customer said straight into my face- “Who is paying? You or me!” that day I understood my actual position in this business.

One day a customer instructed us to make a big window, but the wall was so small that if we had I have made it big then very left of that wall would have been left and there was also a great chance that the wall may fall down. We said that very clearly, but the customer kept insisting as he thought the big window would make him closer to nature. Regarding my past experience, I did what he said. After 1 week a phone came and the caller said, “Our wall have fallen and one side of our room is now totally open to the field”. I calmly replied, “Sir, then, now you is in the lap of nature”.


Strangely I never felt that competition is lowering my business opportunities. I always felt that the real competition is with myself, with the reputation I am building for myself. Perhaps, this is why many clients that we get are mostly referred by some previous customer who availed our service. I can proudly say that here ‘Greg’ has become a familiar name in window installation services.

Relation with employee

Anyone who has seen window installation will agree that window installation is quite a hard task and requires precision. This is why I really envy employees who are good at their work. The ten years of my successful business has a lot to do with the employees and I always acknowledge that. I think my workers are partners and we must work as a family to get the best result for ourselves.

A future dream

I do have a dream that slowly I will be able to get interior decoration also. I am also taking preparation for that, hopefully, it will be more successful than the current on


We Love Windows!

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